Knob Creek 15 Years 100 proof 750 ml

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Appearance: Reminds me of honey or perhaps a darker shade of mahogany. Copper tones. Upon giving it a swirl, some long, slow legs appeared down the side of the glass.

Nose: At 100 proof, I was surprised by the amount of heat right off the bat. I nosed it again and found the same. After giving the whiskey a rest for a moment found aromatics of brown sugar and orange candy. The oak notes were present as well, but more so in the background.

Palate: Booze forward once again and with a long finish. Throughout the tasting, I discovered it had a medium body with some honey flavors mixed with oak and strawberry. It definitely took a few sips to gather up the sweeter elements of the fruit. Upon adding some water, the whiskey became more balanced between the heat and other flavors.

review from: The Whiskey Wash