"Cocktail-To-Go" Negroni Basket

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  • Ahus Akvavit Swedish Liquor (750mL)
    • BRAND: 76-proof (38% A.B.V.)
    • COLOR: Clear
    • AROMA: Earthy Caraway & refreshing, herbaceous rosemary
    • TASTE: Bright citrus, sweet & subtle fennel
    • FINISH: Silky mouthfeel with a medium long finish that’s spicy & invigorating
  • Campari Liqueur (750mL)
    • BRAND: 50-proof (25% A.B.V.)
    • COLOR: Brilliant cherry red
    • AROMA: Aged blood orange peel, ruby red grapefruit zest, quinine, bay leaf, cherry, lemon, thyme, woodland herbs
    • TASTE: Quinine bitterness balanced with fruity and syrupy sweetness, mint, honey, blood orange zest
    • FINISH: Long quinine fade into orange zest and clove
  • Di Padrino Rosso Sweet Vermouth (750mL)
    • BRAND: 30-proof (15% A.B.V.)
    • COLOR: Deep burgundy
    • AROMA: Sweet and inviting
    • TASTE: Sweet, fruit forward with slight floral undertones
    • FINISH: Contrasting herbal note fading

*The Negroni "Cocktail-To-Go" Baskets sold online, including the online Negroni basket that is chosen for the giveaway, will NOT include an orange. This is because Transpirits currently does not ship produce along with pre-prepared assemblies of spirits.